all abandoned.

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You'll Never Believe

An instant classic. A sprawling 700 room resort hotel sitting on almost 500 acres, featuring two high-rise towers and an 18 hole golf course. Also featuring multiple active security guards and a cellular transmitter on the roof of the tower. You'll never believe how well-kept it is.

189 photos in this set.

Oh deer, this is a strange way to start Gate closed sign made from stop sign Nice day on the overgrown golf course Toxic Chemical Storage sign Golf course storage area Mulligan's snack shack on the golf course 9th hole on the abandoned golf course Wooden bridge over the stream Target: The Tower Is there someone in there? Wide shot of the entire facility from afar
Geese on the lake and the water tower Woodchuck in a drainage pipe Picturesque wooden bridge over lily pads on the golf course Stream filled with lily pads on the golf course Massive golf cart path pothole Golf course irrigation well shack Golf course irrigation well pump Federal brand electric safety switch Broken padlock latch on golf course pump house Final approach towards the hotel Children's play area and satellite dishes
Collapsing baseball backstop Untouched chalkboard at children's play area Children's playground rules sign Cookies / Milk wall Overgrown playground equipment Children's outdoor pool Massive satellite dishes by pine trees Camp House storage closet employee graffiti (right door) Camp House storage closet employee graffiti (left door) Camp House main play area Not the ABC's I learned
Camp House first aid room Awkward placement of mirrors in girl's bathroom Vapor proof light in Camp House stand-up shower Fire Extinguisher in Camp House Camp House kitchen door with hand prints Foreboding "Keep Out" door in the Camp House Phone Extension List Day Camp agenda from 2006 Old Norton Amarlite hydraulic door closer Welcome to the Camp House Downed telephone poles near a storage shed
Random pile of trash behind a storage shed Disconnected power lines Large storage shed next to Camp House Three pylon transformers in storage area Construction materials storage building collapsing Tennis courts look good enough to play on Older GAI-Tronics weatherproof telephone enclosure Inside the weatherproof telephone enclosure 23 relaxes on the tennis court bleachers Maintenance truck still sitting there Weeds penetrating the parking lot pavement
Conference center exterior Beautiful orange lily outside the dining room Old Rockwood Worcester alarm bell Side door to the Lake House Beautiful exterior stone work on the dining room Beautiful tiger lilies set against the exterior stone wall Back of the dining area The tower seen from the back of the dining room Automatic sprinkler alarm and connection near dining room Back of the tower and entrance to the Lake House Back of the tower detail
Tree debris and the outdoor pool Lake House grand lobby interior July 11 2009 - the last day Makeshift structural support inside staff room Hastily vacated staff room Lake House lobby from 2nd floor Staff room paperback bookshelf Net pay: $68.97 Old library books on a shelf Lake House staff room bathroom Library video due date reminder
Closet full of library books Bank of light switches in Lake House Planters on a porch filled with pine cones Severely deteriorated Lake House kitchen Cobweb covered chandelier in Lake House kitchen Lake House chill room Outdoor pool seen through large arched window Garage filled with junk behind the dining room Dutch style barn and the water tower Primary colors galore in the mini golf room The 18th hole mini golf skill shot
A variety of mini-golf cliches all in one place Dice hole in mini golf Mini golf windmill hole Mini golf pinball hole Thirsty? Grab a lukewarm Coca-Cola Main lobby check-in area Large marble wall and a missing ceiling tile Colonnades elevator Stinky letter box in the lobby Two story wall sculpture in lobby Stardust Room entrance
Coffee shop near the main lobby Dining room meal hours Security cameras in the bar Small stage near the bar Old stage follow spot light with color gels The stage and seating in the Stardust Room Main bar near the lobby Cash register by the bar Fitness center entrance signs The indoor pool Fitness center looks ready to go
Ladie's Health Club entrance door Haters gonna hate Sauna and steam room warning sign Customized sauna control Inside the sauna Modern pull station on local fire alarm Small courtyard near the indoor pool Unusual floor numbering Skating rink and ski area Detail of the water tower Elevator with damaged paneling and exposed lights
Typical guest room in smaller tower Tower 2 to Tower 1 Another guest room in the smaller high-rise Stop and smell the roses The slanted hallway Main dining room Dishwashing area in the kitchen Main kitchen food prep and grills Conference area behind the dining room Cheap tables in the main dining area Avaya digital PBX attendant console and line commander
Telephone attendant desk behind front desk Large avant garde painting in plush office I bet of you to play this with me Christmas card in an office Ramp to the tower Main lobby valet area Tower lobby elevators with marble wall and drop ceiling First signs of life Random stack of clean dishes in the stairwell Stairwell roof access in the tower Omnidirectional cell phone antennas
Directional cell phone antenna Tower roof machine area More cellular tower equipment Water tower and truck as seen from the tower roof Driveway from main entrance Maid gratuity suggestion Dark hallways in the tower Ad for Jellystone Park on an information kiosk Main lobby ground floor area Jewelery store and film processing mini-lab Employee and deliveries entrance sign
Pile of brochures and folders 1970s era fire alarm control panel Illuminated exit sign in the tower Lights on in the hallway Presidential Suite kitchen Covered sink in the washer/dryer room Bust on top of a display case Presidential Suite furniture in the common area Presidential Suite library room Lake House as seen from the tower top floor Outdoor pool area aerial detail
Outdoor pool, lake, and golf course Window air conditioner in the suite HVAC equipment not fully installed in suite Aerial view of hotel grounds from tower Ornate mirror and sink in Presidential Suite Really complicated shower in the Presidential Suite Presidential Suite bathroom closet 23 appreciating the view from the suite Ornate bathroom mirror and sink Presidential suite bed Presidential suite living room
Unknown bust detail Hazy sky over outdoor pool and golf course More disconnected HVAC equipment Amusing book back cover in suite library The more things change... Another rare book in the suite library Ceiling damage in 9th floor room Descending the dimly lit stairs Signs of life on the 3rd floor Hallway in the tower Guest room in the tower in excellent condition
Exiting through the lobby Say goodnight, Gracie