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Old Norton Amarlite hydraulic door closer

Old Norton Amarlite hydraulic door closer

The front door to the camp house had this old Norton Amarlite door closer help keep it shut. Norton, today, still makes hydraulic door closers. The Norton brand is manufactured by Assa Abloy, but I was not able to determine whether it was always Assa Abloy, or if Assa Abloy acquired Norton at some point.

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hey, nice find indeed, ASSA ABLOY aquired norton/yale door closers in 80's i think.

the one you tooka photo of, appears to be from maybe 60's or 70's, (most of the closer companies stopped production of the traditionalbody style back in early to mid 1980's.

took a look at my display picture for flickr, its a norton"typing" at a computer, a norton 1604 storefront/utility series made in 1992

sometimes a company will make a "spin-off" version of the real deal, especially happens when a hardware store (mom and pop type, not the big box chain places) buys a bulk amount of them, back then they used to change the name or add their name on the name label with factory brand name)

norton door controls still makes them in this shape (traditional body style) but of aluminum alloy instead of cast iron. as Norton went through the years of changes in metals and closer styles, adjustment of closers has changed alittle, on many of their traditionals, (aluminum alloy) the screw on left side of body is for sweep and latch, right side for backcheck (dampening pressure when opening door past 70ยบ

about only brand that has stopped traditional body style completely,(i think for company reasons as well as the cost to cast them) was LCN, they stopped I think in mid to late 70's, to this day they still continue to produce cast iron door closers, but much more modern (box)body style

TIP: forearm length DOES have a big role in placement of adjustment settings in door opening/closing motions! (such as when latch adjustment happens too early or too late in door closing "cycle")

(expert in door closers here, questions about broken ones or problems are welcome!), 2010-07-19 11:07:23

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