all abandoned.

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Last of the Mohicans

What a cool little abandoned Catskills resort.

148 photos in this set.

Today's activities Roof failure over the indoor pool The indoor pool Similarly named buildings to the Pines The lobby's ride-on lawnmower There's always an abandoned upright piano Old school FedEx letter envelope Another shot of the pool Door to the administrative offices Mechanical push button cash register Tel Electronics Inn-Form XL
Discarded daily activities sign Pool's closed The hallway splits into different buildings Severe water damage near the pool Stone work in the pool area Courtesy phone in the pool area The dyslexic architect Site plan detail Indoor pool ceiling Chair orgy detail Air tight security
Matress near the pool Peeking into the courtyard Long spine board near the pool Mitchell Brafman's dream vacation Wide view of the pool area We've got some bad news... I can see the light Passageway to the Dorchester building Wall mount bracket for a payphone Hallway in the Dorchester building Weather machine switch
Winter-Summer weather control switch The model outlet Waterlogged walls wallowing in mold We have all ingested the LSD Zenith color TV on locking stand This is how most rooms looked Courtesy phone in the hallway Well preserved room Notice to guests on the door Rusted one way sign points to the exit Do you want door #1, or door #2
Exit to the main lobby Tudor building elevator Guest room with asymetric beds Room T2 Fire extinguisher of doom Cheap door hole patch job The Frankenphone Mud tunnels over an exit sign Guest room gone to waste Retro exit sign with left facing arrow So it's not really for a weather machine
Guest room with pillows Electrical power tie-backs Mystery chimney in the courtyard Western Electric 500W telephone Retro bathroom in the Tudor building Utility service in the guest rooms Modern fire alarm notification appliance Tudor building passageway 2nd floor Tudor building passageway Moss carpet The indoor pool (again)
Protected by PN Security decal Fujitsu Focus EPABX Console Fujitsu Focus EPABX Console (bottom) AGP graphics card by the pool Fujitsu EPABX line card Pool on the roof sprung a leak Box of children's books Safety City: All About Street Signs pop-up fun Road sign inner cover of Safety City book Stop sign and school crossing Stop sign and school crossing popups
Railroad 'stop' and bike route signs Bike route signs subliminal messages Railroad stop and bike route popups Safety City (back cover) Television graveyard Disabled fire alarm control panel Public phone light up sign Pile of clothes in the main lobby Thermostats on battery backup Broken security radio The main lobby
Some of the only graffiti in the hotel Site plan for new housing on the premesis 66 block cross connect panel in the PBX Line cards in the Fujitsu PBX The Fujitsu PABX The shop and storage buildings The bar near the lobby The nightclub is empty except for one thing Hindsight is 20/20 The Gilded Cage She's only a bird in a gilded cage
More high security doors Wolf wallpaper trim Plowed out dumpster Tipi in the night club Honeywell, I'm home Ceiling in the night club Automatic and manual HVAC controls Thunderbird Tipi Co. branding Breezeway collapse The Red Room I love lamp
Exposed breaker box in the Red Room The Red Room from the other side Main building administrative office Water damaged ceiling from above Plenum over the main lobby The mystery of the gel filled light fixture Happy birthday rainbow poster Self control. Renovated room ceiling and light fixture Fresh bar of soap Jesse Ventura stands alone
Vintage break glass fire alarm Well kept room in the main building Awesome carpet in the main building stairwell Main courtyard Basement storage area Mystery chemical machine Where there are trucks Lazy refrigerator 2nd floor hallway of the Oxford Inn Run down breezeway to the Westchester Enter the Westchester
Dilapidated room in the Westchester Westchester building hallway Bullet holes in the glass You can't spell 'delicious' without... Another unusually well appointed guest room Who let the snow in the party It is not the hallway that bends Utility poles in the courtyard Exposed section of breezeway Stained glass in the Essex building Elevator in the Essex building
The Dth Floor Retro typography on an exit sign Outdoor pool courtyard Soda pop shop UE rule #941: dress inconspicuous