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Public phone light up sign

Public phone light up sign

This sign would have previously been lit up with a fluorescent bulb, illuminating the two or three payphones that sat below. There were two payphones judging by the two telco demarc jacks out of frame to the left. However, this would have been ridiculously insecure for a COCOT payphone, since anyone could have simply unplugged the jack and plugged in their own phone to complete a call without paying. Then again who checks into a hotel with their own hard wired telephone, and furthermore, how could one complete any kind of worthwhile toll fraud when the main lobby would have had tons of people walking through. Someone would notice you standing there with your own phone plugged in where the payphones were.

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Wear coveralls, an electrician's tool belt, and use a test set instead of a standard phone. Look like you belong there and no-one will question you. I once made off with some very cool stuff from my own old high school during construction by walking in and pretending to be an HVAC contractor (after making sure there were no real HVAC contractors on site).

Of course, who brings all that to a hotel? Your point stands.
-paintboy49dwj, 2010-02-16 00:56:40

Last of the Mohicans

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