all abandoned.

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Finding The G Spot

No sense in hiding the identity of this one. Grossinger's, once the crown jewel of the Catskills, was closed in 1986 and has deteriorated steadily since.

84 photos in this set.

Welcome to Grossinger's Empty gate house 10th Tee at the Big G Golf carts by the clubhouse Lyman building Boiler plant smokestack Old staff house Crash bar door in boiler house Skylight illuminating the boiler Workbench in the boiler house Main bank of boilers
Paul G building Overpass from Paul G to the pool Jennie G building in the distance The Pool Wing exterior Stairs up to the pool level in the pool wing Pool wing elevator Pool chairs in the pool wing Pool wing elevator COP Plants and puddles in the indoor pool Disused deteriorating diving board The Sputnik lamp over the indoor pool
You're not tripping I love Nebraska graffiti Heavy duty safe in the Pool Wing AT&T Long Distance bills Hipsters hate popular music Pool Wing staircase Romantic blue wallpaper Jennie G ground level hallway Lounge chair by a Jennie G elevator Staff building bathroom stalls It says "SHUT"
Dilapidated door in the staff house Abandoned pre-fabricated storm drain vaults Original boiler house, staff quarters, and cafeteria Debris behind the pool wing Anti-electrocution loading dock elocution Lamp posts leading up to the golf course Well-manicured grass in front of the Paul G building The Joy cottage Fire hydrant by the Paul G building Faux black and white lamp post You've got mail
I can see the Jennie G Jennie G building southern exterior wall Buffalo brand pressurized water fire extinguisher Trashed guest room in the Jennie G Severely damaged hallway in the Jennie G Smashed emergency light fixture Jennie G 5th floor stairwell door Dead moth caught in a spiderweb Liberty, NY through a broken window pane Rocks on the roof of the Jennie G Trees around the pool building and Joy cottage
Main lobby and the Pool Wing Roof of the main lobby building Awning above the main lobby Guard shack at the top of the access road Route 17 in Liberty, NY Route 52 overpass across Route 17 Downtown Liberty from the roof of the Jennie G Electromechanical Otis elevator controller Otis traction elevator hoist motor Otis elevator traction sheave Elevator Motor Generator
RCA VHF radio repeater Typical guest room in the Jennie G Truly amateur graffiti Holiday caps a hot season in the Catskills Jennie G 1st floor guest room / office Western Electric Model 564 Key Telephone Set Irony: Success magazine in a failed hotel Destroyed Otis elevator cab Extremely old Otis elevator COP Boarded up windows in the Jennie G Debris in the Jennie G
Plaster powder is probably poison Chair without a care near the stairs Welcome, nature, come on in Exterior of the Jennie G When there's something strange, in the neighborhood From ski to debris Debris behind the Jennie G