all abandoned.

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Abandoned Asbury

Tour of the Asbury Park boardwalk area, during a quick detour on our way to Seaside Heights for the weekend. This gallery includes shots of many infamous and now non-existent buildings such as C9.

77 photos in this set.

Is this not a reasonable place to park? Street closed sign at Palace Amusements Last remaining pieces of a ride Tillie has left the building Asbury Park's famous Tillie mural Abandoned movie theater feature poster Time expired meter behind fence Random trash bin in the street Danger: Asbestos Hazard warning tape Palace Amusements under demolition Lake Wesley in Asbury Park
Bumper girls mural under construction Partially demolished Palace Amusements Casino boiler house Boiler house chimney Broken windows on the Casino Ornate patinated metal window sill Echoes of Asbury flyer Severe graffiti on the Casino Under the boardwalk On the concrete pad Allycat on the concrete pad
No Swimming hand painted sign Wesley Lake pipe connection Wooden shoring at the shore Mystery pipe junction box Mystery pipe in the sand Wide shot of the mystery pipe Casino marquee Imported electricity Casino entrance Ornate ceiling fixture in the casino Asbury Park Casino floor
Asbury Park Casino interior Well lit unlit interior Sticker on broken glass The Asbury Park Casino (pre-renovation) Ramp to nowhere Empty boardwalk store fronts Fridges and freezers Down by the beach Beach volleyball Beach rules sign Asbury Park beachgoers
Jersey Shore: Keep It Perfect Madam Marie's famous psychic readings Asbury Park Howard Johnson The Paramount Theatre The Asbury Park Convention Hall An actual stone pony Inside the Convention Hall Paramount Theatre fire escape Grand Arcade in the convention hall Survey targets in the Grand Arcade Visitors at the Convention Hall
Boardwalk in Asbury Park Utility closet in the convention hall Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park Street level freight elevator Classic car at the convention center Another classic car at the Paramount Reade's Paramount Theatre featured sign Fifth Avenue Pavilion Elaborate mural on Ocean Avenue Asbury's famous skeleton building Steel and concrete in the unfinished building
Signs of life behind the fence Asbury Partners LLC building American flag rises high Exposed steel and concrete stairs Asbury's abandoned high rise Abandoned high rise in Asbury Park Asbury Park regulations sign The Stone Pony Far away view of the Casino Cheap beer on ladies night Asbury Park: Wrap It Up