all abandoned.

Ce n'est pas un travel guide

Tov, toda Tamarack

It was still fucking awesome while it lasted.

51 photos in this set.

No trespassing... no exceptions... no excuses. Shoot the pain away Hampshire Ruins from West Hampshire Building Ruins from South Hampshire basement filled with debris Passageway to Dorchester Unburnt but demolished breezeway Keys and green carpet around the pool Indoor Pool Ruins from West I'm a survivor Indoor pool total loss
Fuel my fire Main Building Ruins from North Hate to say I told you so Tudor Building Ruins from North Broken automatic sprinkler on a hot tin roof How far you've come Ash pile from log pile Ruins from Northwest It's electric Barely recognizable chair The floor feels kind of soft
You still turn me on after all these years Just a matter of time The weirdest things survive Shadows of its former self Formerly the F5 bungalow Levinson House siding damage Camp House Ruins from North Camp House ruins Ruin Panorama from Water Tower Ruin Panorama from Water Tower 2 Tamarack ruins seen from water tower
Not lightning protection Water tower ventilation Just another day at the office Just needs a new coat of paint Top of automatic sprinkler reserve tanks Water tower dust graffiti Going up? Drinking water tower sump Nature finds a way Essex building elevator hoistway and fire escape In case of fire, exit this way
Oxford Inn secret floor New York Truck Parts scrap metal dumpster EME caterpillar tracks Empty scrap metal dumpster Primary circuit dead-end The Oxford Inn practically unscathed Tamarack wishes you a safe trip