all abandoned.

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Running Police Chase Psych Center

You're never gonna catch me, you're wasting your time! Forget about it, go do something else. See ya'll next year.

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Abandoned asbestos abatement dreams Hydraulic wheel chair lift by boarded entrance door Oh you thought I was kidding? Hindu door sporting two bindis Super swag wallpaper in patient room Random office in GAA building Wash away the crazy Room with a view Time machine toilet Bitches be all like #nomakeup The industrial green mile
Typical upstate psychiatric center stairwell GAA Building Exercise Equipment Tunnels for days Subterraneous slob sink sits silently, sadly White kids can't jump Interesting choice to cover the window Every psychiatric center has a fire house Powerplant smokestack with cellular phone antennae attached Root cellar entrance Empty picnic tables behind the recreation center Recreation Center front entrance
Yin yang painted on stone pavers outside recreation building Massive mahogany doors in the recreation center Gym floor ruined by water damage Now playing, Titicut Follies Stadium seating above the gymnasium Typical patient ward on a mild winter day Abandoned patient ward close to active hospital Well kept lawns, poorly kept buildings Nice day for a game of hop scotch We like to have fun here Peeling paint party
WPA mural in the children's ward We are all winners Theater inside the children's ward Horizontal skylight syndrome Dilapidated room in the children's ward Where the wild things are Children's ward connecting corridor More of the Where the Wild Things are hallway Takes me straight back to the Tamarack The spirit of '76 They don't even know I'm watching them
Sweet, a running getaway vehicle