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Women's Federation Castle

Nestled in the woods about a quarter mile from a pedestrian overpass above the Palisades Parkway is the Women's Federation Monument, a small castle with a vista of the cliffs of the Palisades with somewhat of a view of NYC.

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Palisades Parkway pedestrian overpass Palisades Parkway south of exit 3 Open daylight hours only sign Flower garden near the castle Steep cliffs warning sign in Palisades park Observation area overlooking the Hudson river Side of the castle Side and rear of castle View up the turret Painted wall and wetness in the castle Yonkers waterfront as seen from Alpine, NJ
Eastern wall and stairs to the top Turret vs the trees vs the sky Decorative turret windows Panoramic view from the observation area Fairy tale lettuce on the eastern wall Sharpie graffiti on the turret Observation area hand rail Padlock on the entrance to the turret Federation Memorial Park plaque Saying goodbye to the castle Restoration Rock plaque