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Saloman House (part 1)

A rare opportunity to step into a time capsule. These photos were from my visit on July 13, 2004. The owner died a month or so prior. I stress to readers that vandals did not cause this damage -- this is how he lived for 20 years. The experience cannot be adequately described by a Flickr gallery description.

105 photos in this set.

Hahn Eclipse ride on mower Pile of old aluminum cans Trailer full of boxes Vintage can of pipe tobacco Brulin and Company chemical drum Old oil cans and boxes Old rusted fan in the trailer High pressure sodium lamp in the trailer Another shed filled with garbage Electric cycle chair outside Earth tone recyclables
Ever more piles of trash outside Family of 50 gallon drums Better save these cardboard tubes Same shed, different day Shelf of chemicals Bird's nest in a spot light Stable filled with lime green carpet Seltzer bottle graveyard Pile of seltzer bottles Take off your coat and stay a while The living room
Onion goggles box on the bookshelf Bird seed on the floor The home electronics shop Toiletries in the bathroom Baby photo in the bathroom Disused nasty shower Paper towel toilet paper Sad family photo The laundry room The neglected refrigerator Rotted food in the freezer
Decades old food in the pantry Everything in the kitchen Duophone 145 telephone The home office Home stereo system Computers and cobwebs in the dining room Chinese temple decoration Telefunken vacuum tube box Telefunken vacuum tube box detail Old Brother word processor Mail call
Mail call (closeup) Invest by mail statement The table is now the bookshelf Old canned food in the cupboard Dustball coated stairs 2nd floor bathroom 2nd floor bathroom sink Remotely monitored EKG machine Another shot of the ECG machine Vintage Campho Penique bottle Well stocked shower
Faberge Happy Hair Bathroom decorations Vintage Paregoric prescription bottle Knobless dresser Dresser and old tube TV Books, paintings, and robes Old electronics magazines Swimming goggles and sewing machines Wife's clothing in closet More of the wife's clothes Library on the 2nd floor
Old school calculator in the library Unusual sign on a bookshelf Regulations of the John sign Eerily appropriate novelty sign Envelope hidden in the file cabinet Stairs to the attic Junk filled attic Old newspaper clipping Boxes of magazines and a suitcase Another shot of the suitcase Wideband dipole antenna in the attic
Empty consumer product boxes Old Wagner power painter Root and test tubes Shortwave radio rigged to TV antenna Closet of men's clothes The backup master bedroom Shortwave rig closeup The shortwave rig and cordless phones Decades old enema Fluorescent light bulb in the hallway Main hallway closet
Basement stairs and riding boots Junk filled basement Junk in the basement Spaghetti wiring in the basement Shelf of home chemicals Junk blocking the inaccessible basement Old typed letter in a pile The Swobulator letter Tick... Tock... Tube of household goop
Midnight Playmates magazine The seltzer bottle porch Exterior of the house Gallon jug graveyard Gaggle of gallon jugs Good ol' fashioned oil dump