all abandoned.

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Palisades Center's privates

Up in that like a colonoscopy.

37 photos in this set.

Storage room in Hot Topic Recursive self portrait No photography on premises sign Cold steel hand rail Palisades Center roof beams Skinned stair advertisement Skinned stairs from another angle Step into my office You are being watched at all times Gravity defying concrete pad 480 volt switch in parking garage
Water supply equipment in the basement Water pump mayhem Anti-graffiti in a Palisades Center fire escape Fire escape stairwell Creepy pile of Polaroids in machine area Unmonitored door monitor Long underground fire escape hallway Pump control in run state Palisades Center pump control Water pump control and alarm box Fire escape stairwell in the mall
Skinned stairs now bare Food court stairs now bare Parking deck outdoor fire escape Exterior wall texture Backwards 4:20 on a fire door Waterlogged light fixture Pool on the roof has a leak Stairwell drain pipe Vandalized wire glass Mall security: special ops Electric switching frame in basement
Well that's your problem right there Busting a move in the cage Palisades Center electric wiring diagram Can you feel the electricity