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Hater's Haven Resort and Spa

Mainly exploring the elevator and some back areas at a certain hotel and spa which is cousins with another hotel which I have photographed.

43 photos in this set.

You down with COPs? Yeah, Otis keys Fire Operation Panel Fire Operation Indicator in Phase 1 Ground floor lower lobby First floor lobby store fronts Modernized Main Lobby Wiring Behind the COP Otis COP Removed and Upside-down It's alright, I'll catch the next one Elevator exterior door (hoistway view)
Elevator Door Interlock (detail) Elevator COP Button and Switch Wiring Elevator COP wiring terminals COP re-installation 3rd Floor Landing Bends Around Corner Accessing the Cab Roof Cult Wellness Center Under Renovation Plenum above top floor drop ceiling Roped hydraulic elevator motor Digital Otis elevator controller Small spring buffer at bottom of pit
Angry elevator brake is angry Top of the elevator cab Roped hydraulic piston lowered at ground floor Roped hydraulic elevator piston Guide shoe, floor sensor, and work light above the cab Extended roped hydraulic elevator piston Emergency stop roller switches at top of hoistway Unimproved staff hallway Disused kitchen filled with junk Elevator test weights Unusual stair ramp combination in back hallway
Recently renovated bathroom vanity Hyper-modern bathroom design Bathroom door window Mixed message warning sign Modern elevator controller insides Elevator controller circuit detail Hotel guest area exterior Hotel main entrance with fountain and valet area Landing floor hall buttons COP in phase 1 fire service