all abandoned.

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Stewart Hall post-fire

It greatly upsets me that anyone would destroy something with so much rich architectural effort.

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Then and now Destroyed air movers in the attic Curved steel beams of Stewart Hall Sturdy stone walls stand tall Brick topside to underground utility tunnel Different kind of tunnel Concrete pad cover to steam tunnels Steel grate cover to steam tunnels below Overgrown backyard of Whitman building Asbestos pipe wraps covering the floor in the lab Spigot in the ungerground lab
Did you eat paint chips as a kid? Hidden stairwell covered by brush Broken windows in the burnt library Asbestos pipe wraps covering the floor Asbestos pipe wrap layer detail Absolute mess of asbestos pipe wraps in the old hospital Construction office on Gate Hill Coop road Golfers playing Patriot Hills golf course Pensive squirrel on a tree Pile of fresh wood chips Overgrown disused wishing well
Caution tape, flowers, and wood chips Squirrel foraging through wood chips Family of squirrels in the tall grass Old East Stewart Road sign post It's open but it's not A steel askew Stewart Hall 'road closed' sign Rusted and overgrown children's basketball court Rusted exhaust pipe poking through brick wall Old 'no trespassing' sign on door to Stewart Hall Ruins of Stewart Hall
Road to the Jacobson House Power plant smokestack rising above the tree tops Haverstraw sign department fail Middle school rent-a-cop walking the beat Semi-active church building with uncut grass General disarray on Steward Circle Homes for baby busters Open me, said the door