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Pete ruins Paintball at the Pines Hotel

I can't say exactly how I ruined the day of the douchebags playing paintball there, but rest assured it was a tough ride home for them. Thanks for the opportunity to get revenge, assholes.

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Basement crawlspace under the Sheraton building Nasty dirty shower Sealed section of breezeway Peeling maroon paint Entrance to the infamous underground tunnel Step up sign on door to tunnel Utility hall under the indoor pool Chill spot under the deep end Barrels of calcium hypochlorite Flooded pump room with floating barrels Full view of the pump room
Discarded old punching bags Who wants a body massage I'm a polka fan bumper stickers Pines professional massage flier Seatless toilet urinals Unused fire extinguisher in a utility room Vapor proof lights in the sauna Men's health room steam sauna Cyclops halogen ceiling lamp The former Carlton building Carlton building rubble and fire escape
Outdoor card area Paint can paradise Outdoor pool cabana bathroom Luggage cart consumed Entering a staff house Typical staff living quarters Hallway, now with extra MSG Empty boxes on an empty bed Bed of a believing gambler Wallpaper and carpet's revenge Oh, that's where I left my jacket
Storage under the Sheraton Spencer heater company boiler Magic fingers! Black toilets? At The Pines? Carpet at The Pines Extremely fresh paint ball damage Stairs in the Dorchester building Stylish emergency lights Sheraton building A/C chiller Sheraton building emergency exit Groovy curtains, man
Rainbow paint ball explosion Paintball bastards trashed the place Peeling paint covering graffiti in the Ritz building Ritz Building main entrance PARTY! Stop sign in a trashed room Voces y Vistas spanish textbook Ritz building 3rd floor hallway Insulation carpeting Fire damaged light bulb Stairs to the 4th floor of the Ritz
Graffiti on the stairway to heaven in the Ritz building November 13, 1980 graffiti in the Ritz building Fourth floor Ritz room Ritz fourth floor debris Fire damaged pyschedelic ceiling paint Graffiti on the top floor of the Ritz building Pines Bong Team graffiti in the Ritz Fire damage in the Ritz building Red and yellow rainbow in the Ritz building 2nd floor fire door in the Ritz building Carlton building debris
Parking lot plant The prick's paintball equipment Main kitchen Skelly and the kitchen equipment Moss covered main lobby Proud Pines chandeliers Destroyed drop ceiling Registration area hallway The desk has collapsed Operator attendant console from an NEC NA4-09 crossbar PBX 1980 US Ski Team poster
Day area room Shattered windows, shattered dreams 66 blocks at the Pines Hotel 66 Blocks terminating to an NEC NA4-09 Crossbar PBX Relays inside an NEC NA4-09 Crossbar PBX NEC NA4-09 PBX Installation Service Manual Cover Wiring inside an NEC NA4-09 Crossbar PBX Garbage in the workout room Summer Pines Day Camp Staff t-shirts Not an Exit sign in Savoy basement The spirit of Woodstock lives on at The Pines
Savoy building exterior Modular homes on the lot Regency building storage area door Wedgewood room writing pad Wedgewood room marquee The Pines Hotel Persian Room Sad disco ball Pines Hotel green room Smaller green room Memories... Bright purple vent against gold curtain
Large metal light fixture Ashes to ashes, carpet to moss Skating rink exterior Overgrown baseball field Road to nowhere Abandoned spring horse and volleyball net Overgrown playground swingset The water tower on the hill Day Camp House Barrel rusting from the bottom Junk inside the Day Camp building
Main lobby stage boxes Day Camp Do's and Dont's Bird stuck in the window Crushed metal mini-golf loop You're gonna die, clown! More carpeted boxes Bars behind the bar at the pool Arch over the outdoor pool Cabana crawlspace Gate to the outdoor pool Amateur graffiti in the indoor pool