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Rapiscan x-ray machine operator controls

Rapiscan x-ray machine operator controls

If you ever wondered why the displays on airport x-ray machines were so colorful, this control console may provide some hints. Besides providing typical monochromatic x-ray imaging, these machines are also capable of providing density analysis and even contraband detection. In fact newer models are so sophisticated that they can actually detect threats, and even narcotics, on their own. Of course, a fully automated security screening would probably seem disconcerting to most travelers, so a human operator remains in control. Interestingly, the machine is capable of testing the operator's performance, and will randomly present the operator with superimposed images of threats, e.g., an ice-pick, or a gun, to test the operator's attentiveness. If the operator fails to identify the threat, they will be subject to additional training or other discipline. If you've never heard of this technology, search for "Rapiscan Threat Image Projection" to learn more.

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