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Off Broadway Security Theater

A surreal exploration of the secure area in an international airport made possible by a missed flight and a dummy-locked plywood door leading into the construction area. This terminal was undergoing renovations that were nearly complete in early 2012. They hadn't even taken the shrink wrap off the rope stanchions at the gate when we got there. We let these cool off for a while for obvious reasons.

34 photos in this set.

Hey... this isn't where I parked my car! Baggage loader vehicles at rest The bridge to total freedom A wild golf cart appears You give me that funny feeling in my tummy That's not a banana in my pocket, it's an escalator Soda's bad, mmkay? Just needs a new coat of paint Flying dogs hot dog stand A seat for every ass Surreal empty airport terminal
A different kind of UE chair Reminds me of the Nanuet Mall We've got to move these color TV's Now all we need are travelers to harass Say a quick prayer to Joseph of Cupertino Tourist kiosk BIOS BSOD Hope and change and rainbows and unicorns Stuffed animal vending machines for days The ol' spare x-ray machine Rapiscan x-ray machine operator controls Wide terminal corridor
Skylight at night Another diligently dysfunctional kiosk One seat per restaurant People mover under construction Moving walk terminals with landing plates removed Pallets and rollers Moveable temporary gantry crane Black-O Coffee It's __@CLOCK@__ O'Clock Motorcycle vendor in the airport Still in the protective wrap
A clean getaway