all abandoned.

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No-Mo Hi-Ho Casino

One of the most exhilarating and unusual explorations we've ever done. At the corner of Park Place and Boardwalk, the Skyscraper by the Sea was a casino from 1981 through 2012.

33 photos in this set.

You're the worst elevator ever Former front desk Eye in the sky watching empty cabinets Comp card system straight out of 1981 There's nobody you can trust but me Straight out of 1981 Get me the President Please, do not change clothes in the restroom Freshly painted glass Break glass type Simplex fire alarm Payphones for daze
24 inch escalator collecting dust Welcome, explorers. The red tag means you messed up Bus terminal escalators showing red tag Payphones and a courtesy phone by the elevator W.L. Jenkins Co. fire alarm bell Computer terminal at the bus depot Bus terminal with glass doors on all sides Ghetto bus terminal on ground floor Sad UE rolly chair in the bus terminal employee area Random Anapolis, Maryland Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Another set of abandoned offices More fresh carpet on the freshly abandoned casino floor 6th floor sky lobby Pray for Alan Thicke Finally, some insight into the mystery elevator Casinos using Windows XP in 2012 Nice of them to leave the liquor bottles The cashier is offstage at the aged casino cage At least they kept the carpet fresh Claridge Casino Empty Floor Idiotic conduit installation