all abandoned.

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Loose Goose Resort

A sprawling vacant resort anxiously awaits a buyer while it sits exposed to the elements. Semi-active, with a live-in caretaker, and 4 part-time maintenance guys. Difficulty level: so.

199 photos in this set.

Condos of doom Sneaking up from the back Breezeway to the buildings Rusted diamond plated steel tank Piles of tiles Garage door into fitness center Spraypainted storage trailer in the flowers Back of the main building and indoor pool Where the pool meets the ice rink Ice rink on the brink Hockey markings on the ice rink slab
Lonely ice skates Hand powered Zamboni ice resurfacing device Ice rink rafters Outdoor pool entrance and cabana Empty outdoor pool wide shot Back of the Regency building Outdoor pool cracked tiles Outdoor pool filling with rain water 911 is a joke Stairs to abandoned second floor of pool cabana Back of complex from outdoor pool
Amusing vintage pool regulations sign Abandoned telephone in cabana building Shitty untalented graffiti Pile of wooden outdoor pool chaise longues Dead leaves filling the outdoor pool Outdoor pool cabana faded restrooms sign Remnants of the cabana's secret room Faded vintage rest rooms sign on cabana Our valuables are invisibly marked Hexagonal wooden potter by the outdoor pool Children's play set tipped over
Overgrown patio behind Regency building Fire hydrant behind the Regency building Cracking abandoned outdoor shuffleboard court Outdoor pool hotel entrance Awning over outdoor pool hotel entrance May 1992 graffiti behind ice rink chiller building Cut oil tank pipes Pool chemical storage area Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Just think, this is what we all look like inside More broken chillers
Army of smaller chillers Door to outdoor pool filter and pump room Broken chiller fan (detail) Old milk crate and bucket Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The field of dreams Getting a little annoyed at this point Mowed lawn behind the Regency Just playing through In the deep rough Loading dock courtyard behind main building
Back side of old staff house No animals in the staff house, please Todd Staff house fire alarm panel is on Signs of light in the staff house More back of staff house and annex Front of the box truck It's barely expired officer Where are all these cars coming from Overpass to staff house Main distribution panel I believe this is an air purifier
Kosher trays and bug sprays Fish tremble at the sound of my name Container box ... of DOOM Just needs a little paint Lone window behind the bathrooms Pull string light socket I really love lamp Typical staff accomodations Bed frame orgy They even have a toilet room! The Mattress Room
Hello, is it mold you're looking for? Overpass passageway to main building Screw type fuse box Staff building FACP Lonely doors in staff building What's that, Lassie? Hello phone? Yes, this is dog Staff house room number Mechanical room in the staff house If this is true, we need to find her immediately Electric heater and blower
Pile-o-tires Roof top entry motherfucker The first guest room I entered Swing door Seaberg Sabbath elevator in main building Enjoy your stay Enjoy your stay (close-up) Epic scenery on wallpaper in main building guest room New roof, bagged utility exhausts Shower handle on the floor Handicap accessible guest room bathroom Main building stairwell ceiling tiles
Vintage Seaberg elevator controller (reverse) Vintage electromechanical elevator controller Machine room ceiling leaking roofing tar Motion Control Engineering elevator controller Elevator geared traction sheave and ropes Geared elevator traction sheave and hoist motor Main building guest room with secret loft Gaudy Asian scenery art wall hanging Nice headboard and small chandelier in mini-suite Mini-suite kitchenette No I don't believe we will be doing that, thanks
The old exit sign in a plenum Yes, hello, this is phone Main building flat roof and elevator machine room If it's not an exit All hotels have a synagogue, right? Play it again, Sam More massive Asian art inside the place Main dining room with Pines hotel chairs Main dining room chandeliers and plastic Dining room chandelier Sinks in the dining room
Curved lobby bar You left your urns in the display case Large oil paintings in the main lobby Shadowy chandelier in main lobby Main lobby chandelier Dark main lobby filled with excessive decorations Lobby snack bar VCR and TV Leaky ceiling above front desk Glass encased jade boat sculpture Another shot of the jade boat sculpture Tick tock goes the clock
Pigeonholed guest room keys in the back room Access granted Policies posted on the back room room Political figures in photos behind the front desk The objectionable oil paintings Giant air moving fan in the game room Genuine Pines Hotel exercise equipment Billiard room with shitty paint job Internal CATV rebroadcast equipment Security department headquarters door LOOK - Square away your uniform
Stairway to Japanese restaurant Attempt to see inside the Japanese restaurant The bar in the bobar Bar utensils in the bobar Bobar-ed ceiling tiles in the Bobar Repeating Asian themed wall hangings in the performance hall Blurry photo of the stage and seating area Star light, shine bright Suspicious storage room sign in basement Linens in laundry carts Apparently these were low-end vases
Sauna in the underground health spa Polaroid photos of unknown female Terrible tool organization discipline Korean rice cooker in mechanical room Pool rules and regulations sign Empty indoor pool Empty indoor pool stairs and deep end Abandoned Interracial CPR doll Pimp chalice and pool chair Indoor pool building windows and deck chairs Lifeguard station and pool chemical test kits
Extra deep end Industrial washing machines Unidryer industrial driers Chicago Dryer Company flatwork ironer canopy You'll love Sullivan County's Catskills Door for ants Typical Catskills hotel hoarding Watertight security The inclined passageway Two signs, one direction No circuit breaker sign
Resort Sports Complex with tight security Sports center basketball courts They're in the walls Shitty picture of the same plenum Bring me a cabinetry You just aren't even trying now I'm more at home in my Galaxie Regency building corridor Empty here Stand back, I know how to work this thing Big fucking lighting switch board FAQ
I bet this place has a lot of boilers Massive pipe cutter in storage room Indoor pool filters Flooding basement with wooden plank passageway Emergency eye wash station in the boiler room Main dining room ready to go Hunting treestands fortunately sans hunter Don't drink and drive The official Catskills hotel garbage truck Big bag of corn Abandoned bang bus
Long ago discarded shoe