all abandoned.

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Lonely at Letchworth

Sometimes I'll explore buildings even if no one joins me. This was one of those times. This gallery is notable because it contains numerous shots of Stewart Hall before it was burned to the ground by punk kids from Nanuet.

108 photos in this set.

Warning, no trespassing sign Your door seems to have fallen Drop ceiling devastation Isolated exit sign Shelly sells sea shells by the ceiling shore Underwater themed mural Dark mahogany bookshelf and fireplace Self portrait Cold war shelter marking Overgrown school building The wishing well
Midget door to the basement Flooded basement behind the midget door Patient ward wearing a ghillie suit Well cut lawn, well done ward Orange and white paint layers Patient ward entrance hallway Spunking cock and a buffed out fire alarm console Patient cot cubicle Patient cubicles Handicap handle shower HVAC box on the ceiling
Attic access hatch Hanging hula hoop A patient painting Cracked exterior white paint Incandescent light bulb socket Get a receipt sign Patient bill of rights Collapsing ceiling in patient ward Boxes full of incident forms Skylight ruined by sprinklers ASL bulletin board
Local alarm pull station Stewart hall basement boarded up Stewart Hall basement door Thomas Conrad ARCnet Active Hub Stewart Hall fire alarm control panel Asbestos insulation dust Random basement room Telephone patch panel and line cards Broken comptometer keypad in the basement Letchworth Village kick drum NYS Dept of Mental Hygiene bass drum
Creepy old medical equipment Letchworth Village aerial photo Room condemned, do not use sign The condemned room Condemned bathroom Basement of Stewart Hall Breaking the fourth wall Unusually low drop ceiling Old lamp behind drop ceiling Old vitrohm theater dimmers It's for you
Traffic symbols label on wall UE chalkboard Large windows in the classroom Stewart Hall first floor hallway Gotta watch that step, it's a doozy Guano in the attic of Stewart Hall Stairs to the attic of Stewart Hall Above the drop ceiling Shadows of ghosts at Letchworth Shared light socket Steam pipes of Stewart Hall
Square D future switch Steam tunnel entrance Whitman Building at Letchworth Crawlspace of the Whitman Building Back of the old hospital Burnt ruins of the library Old hospital courtyard Your tax dollars at work No fishing no parking sign Letchworth Village synagogue Synagogue door plaque
Letchworth Village synagogue interior Ceiling tile sand Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee Note-a-chord visual memory switch Stained glass in the synagogue Overgrown synagogue Vandalized patient ward Old gurney in a patient ward Clinic in a patient ward Hey, free TV Schedule III, IV, and IV drug requisition form
Rusty metal and wood swingset Fire damaged door Library fire aftermath Burnt drop ceiling supports Another covered skylight Fire doors doing their job Shattered safety glass Shattered glass detail Damaged fire hose cabinet Lab building basement Pitch black basement hallway
Empty basement storage room Hydraulic elevator machinery Computer graveyard 1A2 Key System Switch Electric transformer in the basement Exposed wires in a breaker box Sprinkler pipe control valve in the shadows File cabinet in the elevator Whoops, I fell down an elevator shaft