all abandoned.

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Letchworth Village idiot

The decaying power plant at Letchworth Village, plus a quick stop in some of the admin and storage buildings.

67 photos in this set.

Deggi5 graffiti and vandalism Leaking Chloride lead acid batteries Patient financial record form Experimental group file Rose Electronics Master Switch Could it be? Free video games? New-in-box cell phone chargers Dark patient painting The electronics room Vibrating belt machine Stage 7: close the hospital
Thomas Conrad ARCnet poster Ceiling fire extinguisher with sprinkler head Game Stop store hours sign Computer guy car All pet must be on a leash sign Notice: no hunting Asset tag on a tree Non-objecting admission form Well-manicured lawn Flooded ward basement Sprinklers ruin stained glass skylight
Waiting for the Vet print surviving Leaves hanging from the ceiling Newspaper clippings on a bulletin board INAPPROPRIATE Extra extra heavy mayonnaise Surgeon General's warning poster Exposed fire hose Computer nerd cartoons Peeling paint chips in an office Paint chip covered office Petrified ink
Redrum chalkboard graffiti at Letchworth Whitman building ceiling fans Crawlspace beneath the Whitman building Old door closing spring Letchworth Village power plant Employees must watch hands Hail Zodd graffiti Hello Dave television Tubs and toilets and valves, oh my Hydrotherapy tub in the woods Leaf covered asbestos
Distribution control panel Severed CPR head outside Hallway to nowhere Disturbed Unibestos asbestos pipe wrap Cold storage locker Junk filled elevator shaft Instant death doorway Inside the smoke stack Empty steel building Power plant alley High energy switches
Discharged wheeled fire extinguisher Steps to the basement Peeling paint tanks and dayglo pipes Warning lamp panel missing a light Control panel warning lamps Power plant control panel Steam turbine Rusted metal catwalks 2001 sports schedules Old blade switch control board Sink filled with portland cement in the power plant
Nature always finds a way