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Ce n'est pas un travel guide

Keep off the tracks

A trip to Brooklyn just for fun, with stops in Times Square for good measure. Crazy protesters, sweet police cars, strange signs, and a woman's ID on the tracks for the L train.

27 photos in this set.

14th Street Union Square mezzanine NYPD Communications custom Bluebird bus Flatiron building crane and scaffolding Museum of sex silly sign Willoughby's camera store Empire State Building on overcast night Times Square on hazy night Broadway still open to traffic Times Square at W 44 Street Designated protest area Free Leonard Peltier protesters
Pro-war protesters at Times Square recruiting station 1 Times Square with Yahoo and Heineken signs NYPD Dodge Charger 4176 NYPD Dodge Charger 4176 reverse Your drivers license and registration? Construction worker outside Grand Central Tree roots on the ceiling at Grand Central Terminal Its alive! Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town security truck ConEd 14th street substation close up ConEd 14th street substation
Unusual steady red to flashing red signal Big breasted girl conquering a pig We are all African ad Elevated tracks for the J train Freaky tranny on the subway