all abandoned.

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Home, I'm Honey

A rather bizarre and random dilapidated house in the woods.

41 photos in this set.

Off road path under pylons Charlotte's web Gravity defying spider Abandoned brush admist a mess Old cigarette butt on the floor Hettrick box in the shack Crap coated floor Entrance to the shack Pushing up flowers Flowers form the forest floor Rotting wood siding
Fire pit near the shack Ferns form the floor of the forest A window, a radio, and storm stairs Tires in the storm stairs Scrap tires in the basement Old school memory radio Fun house first floor The outdoor bed Funhouse doorway on the first floor Bent bed frame and the floor vortex Christmas color fruit
The abandoned house in the woods Camoflage box spring Camoflage steel box spring Ancient stone wall Old stones piled in a line Lichen covered stone and steel wire Shelly sells sea shells Topless tin cans Burnt branch near a fire pit The skull and bones shack Small animal skull
Another fire pit by the shack Orange in a pile of sticks Bullet riddled metal drum Damaged irrigation pipe Smoke on the water... More smoke on the water Ok, we get it Slow sign on Dyken Pond Road