all abandoned.

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Pines Hotel Wedgewood Room Ruins

Pines Hotel Wedgewood Room Ruins

Totally devastated by the blade of a backhoe.

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when did this happen?! and is this the only thing they tore down?
-melissamiss, 2011-12-05 17:09:06

Looked pretty fresh. As of the date of this photo, it looked like the key buildings had been torn down for a week or so. A staff building was cleared of debris, which was placed in a pile that had yet to be rained on. The Ice Rink appeared to have been down for some time. IIRC Code Enforcement was demanding that the Ice Rink come down as early as 2006, so that's not surprising. Sadly, it's most likely going to become "ethnic" bungalows if the activity at adjacent properties are any indication.
-Sousveillance, 2011-12-05 17:49:16

oh wow. i just realized you had more photos. truthfully they break my heart. i have the Pines to thank for my love of the Catskills. glad i got to shoot it one last time and do it some justice.
-melissamiss, 2011-12-05 22:09:34

Goodbye Hotel

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