all abandoned.

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Goodbye Hotel

What a waste. After being away for 5 years, I came back to this. Truly the end of an era for exploring and for Catskills resorts. With the Pines Hotel now gone, with one less Catskills resort in the world, hotels in the Catskills are fading into the past faster than ever. But their time was long ago, and at last memories can rest in peace.

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Something is very wrong Something is very, very wrong Pines Hotel Indoor Pool Ruins Indoor pool fountain ruined Staff house personal belongings in trash pile Persian Room metal debris Pines Hotel Persian Room Ruins Persian Room south wall to Conference Center Purple debris in a purple dumpster NCR Electromechanical Cash Register Pink hotline phone for taxis
IMG_0995 Pines Hotel Ice Rink Ruins Pines Hotel Conference Rooms Too little too late Outdoor pool underground pit Outdoor pool underground pump and filter area Everyone gets leid at the Pines Pines Hotel Wedgewood Room Ruins Wilma Burgess - Misty Blue record shattered Lou Rawls - You've Made Me So Very Happy LP destroyed Goodbye