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Exploring the gun tunnel

I believe this tunnel was used to conceal a large cannon to protect the Hudson River, but I can't find any documentation about it either way. The litter and graffiti were very old and well preserved, indicating low traffic.

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Armory side view Underground utility access hatch Hook mountain national landmark sign A peek inside the armory State park lands rules Cliffs and steep slodes are dangerous Public bathroom in the armory Stone wall at the Nyack Beach armory MFC uses the water fountain MFC hand washing in the fountain The Mongolia Project graffiti outside tunnel
Blurry shot of the drop Overgrown tunnel access passageway Eaues graffiti Winrars at Hook Mountain Towards the back of the tunnel Rusted ceiling fixture Old debris from a squatter 1960 graffiti? Debris blocking the tunnel The not-so-dead end Strange ceiling fixture
Overhead hangars as hazards Squatter's pants and bedding Abandoned jeans from a squatter Bizarre pipe in the ceiling Entrance to the gun tunnel State park property, trespsasing not permitted Side view of the gun tunnel Mighty Hudson River Nyack Beach Hudson River trail