all abandoned.

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Exploring the Blue Hill House

Lacking any better name for this place, this late 19th century Dutch-style home was a fascinating destination to me because of it's mystery. The house is nice, why let it rot?

30 photos in this set.

Public Water Supply, No Trespassing sign Front of the Blue Hill House Amateur posted no trepassing sign Pile of wood construction debris Overgrown basement entrance Abandoned flashlight Broken double pane window Board ripped off the back door Bent fence poles Whoa! High security fencing High security fencing fail
It's just entering Explored already Vandalism debris inside Oxidized metal light switch cover More debris from vandalism inside The only unboarded window No picknicking no trespassing sign The rear parking area Bent guardrail from the end of the road Deer carcass in the dead end Deer jawbone
Deer vertebrae Discarded deer leg Severed deer hoof close up Dismembered traffic cone Rotting lunch Construction debris Bulldozed children's playhouse Developed dead end