all abandoned.

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Upgraded security at NIKE

The disused NIKE base had a security upgrade recently. The gate is way more imposing now. Don't be afraid of the dogs, or the caretaker, they only bite bad people.

24 photos in this set.

Empty tank on Northern side of property Creepy clown smile graffiti Weeds poke through a concrete pad Game Over graffiti on the pavement Looking to the sky through the caged ladder Valves under the tank Fallen insulation covering a valve Rust and electrical wires in the utility shed Storage building with large vents Antennas and the side of the large vent building Rusted sign on a transformer cage
Watchfire pit still smoldering Smoke rising from the watchfire pit Missile launch pad overgrown with weeds Concrete pad near the launch pad Active antennas at the top of Clausland Mountain Concrete box in the woods Rusting electrical switch on cinder blocks Rusted alarm bell on utility building Electrical equipment shelter information panel VFW Watchfires memorial plaque Broken pothead in the transformer cage
The upgraded security on the southern side White tailed buck in the woods