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Card access to a utility room

Card access to a utility room

And this was the last photo I snapped before being shaken down and ejected. I have no idea where this door goes. The card reader clearly activates a magnetic lock on the door. Is that what that bulky black box on the door is?

Conclusions: it'd be interesting to explore these more, but getting hassled as much as they hassled us was ridiculous. They asked what I was taking pictures of, and when I said, do you want to look at the pictures I took? They said, "No, it doesn't matter." In the end I said, "I knew I should have stayed home and got drunk." Enthusiastically, the ranking officer that was there declared, "Now there ya go!" Good to see that alcohol abuse is accepted here whereas walking around and taking photos is not.

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hate to say it, but you're not missing much in the UA tunnels. Aside from a few kinda-sorta neat basement hallways, it's really all the same. The only real reason of interest to students is that they provide a warm way when going between buildings.
-glemley8, 2010-11-14 02:32:41

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