all abandoned.

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Two million for this hole?

Exploring an unfinished multi-million dollar single family home in Old Tappan. This probably sold right before the housing bubble popped. I wonder if the mortgage has gone sour?

30 photos in this set.

The Money Pit Pile of construction debris Contractor's container box Three car two story garage The backyard Small balcony Unfinished basement In the basement Basement boiler room Heat system pressure gauges Heat system control valves
Basement bathroom Inside the garage Auxiliary staircase Ugly kitchen The living room Allycat under the scaffold in the foyer Checkerboard tile shower First floor foyer Full view of the foyer Master bathroom Master bedroom
Master bedroom fireplace diagram Master bedroom fireplace 2nd floor bathroom McMansion Bedroom More 2nd floor bathroom Watch that step, it's a doozy Folding attic stairs Inside the attic