all abandoned.

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Tomahawk Resort Hotel

Returning to a famous abandoned resort nestled deep within an "Indian reservation". The day began with a rather ominous encounter with a group of scrappers, and ended with the caretaker's unleashed Rottweiler pursuing us until we left.

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Dorchestor Tudor Courtyard 1 Tudor Crawlspace 1 Courtyard 1 Indoor Pool 1 Indoor Pool 2 Main Entrance 1 Main Lobby 1 Smoking Room 1 Bar Lounge 1 Teepee Room 1 Red Room 1
Phone Room Plenum Above Lobby 1 Courtyard 2 Main Building Guest Room 1 Main Entrance Exterior 1 Main Entrance 2 Corridor From Pool Dorchestor Balcony Room 1 Dorchestor Room Bathroom 1 Tudor Room 2 Dorchestor Room Trashed 1
Dorchestor Tudor Courtyard 4 Tudor Room 1 Indoor Pool Roof 1 Tudor Building Parking 1 Service Building 1 Courtyard 4 Courtyard 5 Main Lobby 2 Bar Lounge 2 Red Room Sealed Atrium 1 Indoor Tree 1
Courtyard From Essex Building Outdoor Pool Patio 1 Outdoor Pool Patio 2 Outdoor Pool 1 Tennis Court Cabana Tennis Court 1 Essex Building Exterior 1 Essex Room 1 Dining Room Ruins 1 Former Dining Room 1 Former Dining Room 2
Meadows Room 1 You broke my heart Westchester Room 1 I tried to call you Can you believe this maid Courtyard 3 TV Room 1 Indoor Pool Junk 1 Indoor Pool Floor To Ceiling Dorchestor Tudor Courtyard 2 Dorchestor Tudor Courtyard 3
Dorchestor Exterior and Front Lawn Main Entrance Exterior 2 Main Building Exterior 1