all abandoned.

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Thoroughly touring Tweed's tunnels

Starting the journey at the south western end of the mountain, in the Camp Bluefields Dr. parking area, I ventured up into the hills to boldly go where many have gone before. I walked through one tunnel without a flashlight, like I usually do. Also like usually, I nearly soiled myself. Noticed some new concrete and metal works I'd never seen before, and became better oriented with the "offices" relative to the homes on the street.

50 photos in this set.

IMG_8943 IMG_8942 IMG_8941 IMG_8940 Camp Bluefields HQ IMG_8938 Missing plaster reveals brick substructure Looking into the latrine Delicious debris down in the depths Into the abyss It's a doozy...
I find it difficult to read graffiti IMG_8931 Filled hole near the HQ Alive full color graffiti Office in the headquarters Brush and fallen trees block the firing line So, how long can you smoke weed for? Insight graffiti on the long wall IMG_8923 Oh, that's where I left my highway sign Stairs leading to the office
IMG_8920 Looking down the side of tunnel 2 201 IHA KT graffiti IMG_8917 Severe structural damage in tunnel 3 IMG_8914 IMG_8913 IMG_8912 Concrete blocks near tunnel 2 Concrete footings near tunnel 2 Tunnel 3
A tree takes over the tunnel IMG_8903 IMG_8902 Graffiti on a rusted metal plate IMG_8900 What is that, a can? Lonely woodland motor Rusted Frigidaire motor IMG_8896 IMG_8895 Wooden braid
IMG_8893 IMG_8891 IMG_8892 Going down? White tailed deer by an open manhole White tailed deer near a disused sewer