all abandoned.

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Tahawus mine

One of my favorite exploration journeys ever. One I will never forget.

88 photos in this set.

Model plane built from beer cans McDonald's serving Pepsi Old rusted fire hydrant missing caps Recursive holes in walls Old insulation material Inside the kitchen of a Tahawus home Red brick fireplace Ancient light socket Theodore Roosevelt house Economy paint job around an awesome fireplace Backside of the Teddy Roosevelt house
19th century iron smelter Top of the smelter to you Freshly cut tree stump Brick archway to the smelter Entrance to the smelter Duffgirl climbing the iron smelter, modeling jeans Scratchiti on iron graffiti Inside the smelter chimney Melted brick inside the smelter Asian Pete in the smelter Hyrdo powered furnace blowers
19th century cogs and cams Snow in May More rusted iron machinery The serene waterfront Tranquil Hudson river in the Adirondacks Hudson River in a pipe Hudson river tributary Hello, is anyone out there? Tailings pile Dumping hopper for tailings Rickety funneling machine
Detail of the mine compound Dead cars, live wires Drain pipe leading to the lake The mine is now a lake Old lamppost with beehive Ornate drum of tar Pipes under the floor Emo Duffgirl staring through frosted safety glass You are being watched Inside the flotation pit in the water treatment plant Old water treatment plant pump controls
Repeating square concrete holding tank Abandoned water treatment log book Influent and filter drain valve flanges Rusted pipe with severe acne Pink blood barrel Upside down caged light on a pipe Close up of the upside down light on a pipe Storm drain access pit Incandescent bulbs strung from wires Inside the flotation plant Radioactive core sample analyzer
Rusted weights on a rusted beam balance Ilmenite dust covered factory Ilmenite dust covers all Disused dirty water fountain Duffgirl studies safety procedures UE group shot in the break room Rusting 1950s toaster Serial number plate on the industrial scale Lick it, is it cherry flavored? Spare part graveyard Caution: radiation area sign
Gears and shafts Agitair scavenger 26 Awesome mystery perspective shot Cyclone solenoid valves I do my little turn on the catwalk Massive parts storage area View of the flotation plant machinery Machinery and catwalks viewed from above Gantry crane boom Electric pylons and conveyor belt Frozen hard hat
Flooded frozen valve house Ice encased valve Saying goodbye Tailing machine Machine tire lamppost Yield right of way sign Leaping over the Hudson river Vortex of doom! The vortex of doom sucking in debris Exit of the vortex of doom Welcome home John Smith