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Skyler Inn

A long, winding mountain trail leads to this mid-19th century home. A former stage coach stop, The Roosevelts stayed there on several occasions. The home was originally built by a former sea captain, and its many intact architectural features include look out towers, stone fireplaces, carved mantels and railings, paneling from the old captain's boat, secret rooms and so much more. No amount of history nor quirky architecture will protect it from the bulldozers which are coming very soon.

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Exterior rear elevation First floor of the turret tower Tower turret fire place SLA Cedarized Spray can Vintage safe in the tower turret office Construction materials in the tower turret Stepping inside the house Round doorways in the main rooms Yet another old light socket Shameless exploratory scrapping hole 1st floor kitchen bathroom
Homemade wallpaper room Single frame of home made wallpaper (close-up) Living room fire place Sing us a song, you're the piano man Main foyer and stairs to the 2nd floor Early 20th century push button light switch 2nd floor bathroom (composite) Alternate 2nd floor bathroom Peeling paint and crumbling plaster in the master bedroom Vintage floral lamp shade in 2nd story hallway Spiral stairs to the crow's nest
Crow's nest room (composite) Crow's nest spiral stair case detail 2nd floor closet skylight 2nd floor rear guest room The open but closed window on the 2nd floor Death graffiti Toilet with Do Not Use sign Vandalized shower curtain Main stair case from 2nd floor Looks like someone couldn't read the sign Vintage hot and cold spigots on the tub
The security system Master bedroom mismatched doors Crank and chain window 2nd floor guest room (wide composite) Vintage wallpaper in 2nd floor hallway What's wrong with this picture? The Favorite Cat lithograph Modern kitchen in century old home Doorway to mud room and first floor bedroom Tower turret top secret room Modern light switch and vintage crystal door knob
Stairwell to the 3rd floor Vintage pot coaster hung on the wall Vintage parallel and tandem electric outlet in wallpaper room Floor mounted telephone bell Vintage all-in-one sink and drying rack Back bedroom on first floor Checkerboard tile in the back bathroom Attic ladder in the back hallway Key hole in the floor