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Showing Drey the Letchworth Power Plant

Drey likes to do interesting things, but unfortunately, he's cursed with 7 years bad luck for some reason or another. We went to Letchworth Power Plant and walked around for hours. Then we heard a horn blaring near where my car was parked (at the closed bridge near the active buildings). A rent-a-cop was waiting and started asking questions. He tried to get confrontational but totally backed off after I started asking basic questions in response to his own questions. He sheepishly said, "I won't make you delete the pictures this time." Right. And I won't leave you lying in the fetal position on the ground, this time.

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Steel doors to the powerhouse IMG_9654 IMG_9653 IMG_9652 IMG_9651 IMG_9650 IMG_9648 IMG_9647 IMG_9646 IMG_9645 UER was here (pooping) graffiti
Graffiti wars in the power house IMG_9642 IMG_9641 IMG_9639 IMG_9637 IMG_9635 IMG_9632 IMG_9630 IMG_9627 IMG_9626 IMG_9625
IMG_9624 Bird's eye view in the power plant Eye's bird view in the power plant IMG_9619 IMG_9617 IMG_9616 IMG_9615 IMG_9614 IMG_9613 Coal conveyor in the power plant IMG_9611
IMG_9610 IMG_9608 Destroyed asbestos warning sign on catwalk IMG_9606 Inside of a power plant Oil spill in the power plant IMG_9602 IMG_9601 IMG_9600