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School's Out With Fever

I am a sucker for active construction sites. A white hard hat and dust mask go a long way in life. I go elevator surfing on a new MRL elevator. Then I drive out to see my old friends Jennie and Steven who have been feeling ill lately...

32 photos in this set.

GTA IV Elementary School Penrose red staircase IMG_4003 Alpha Communications Area of Rescue Call-In Station There is only one stair Better flush out that socket IMG_3229 IMG_4116 Roof access IMG_3231 IMG_3232
IMG_3989 That little itty bitty blue thing Inspection mode? Sounds way too safe IMG_4006 IMG_4010 IMG_4047 IMG_4055 Elevator Cab with COP Off 2 Floor button cutout key switch You don't want this part to do its job Going up
IMG_4102 Off with his head Leave No Jumpers sign Open Face Building My Friend Steven IMG_4146 IMG_4148 Grossinger's Laundry Building Demolished Caution - Slippery sign Sweet dreams, Jennie