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RPI Infrastructure Tour

I promised I wouldn't post these. But sufficient time has passed. This was the great RPI Infrastructure Tour of '05.

37 photos in this set.

This door is alarmed Dell server towers SIS server behind a cage Application server blades VCC model stored near the ceiling Slide-out monitor and keyboard console Newer cross-connect panel RPI cable television multiplexer Main telephone cross-connect Liebert HVAC server room controller Server vault back wall
Network switching racks in the vault Fiber optic convertor panel Rainbow CAT5 on overhead rack UTP network patch panel Old monochrome server console Fiber and UTP spaghetti Water alarm strobe light Keep area clear floor decal Server room double doors Back of the biotech building Biotech building back entrance
Biotech center lobby Biotech center skylights Biotech center basement hallway Active alarmed push door in the biotech center Warning: door under video surveillance Biotech center network racks Pre-fab utility conduits in the biotech center Starfield screen saver and UPS message Biotech center janitor closet Work ladder and extension cords Improvised filter over HVAC duct
Room 1337 Lab coats not allowed beyond this point Magneto-cryo lab Storage room in the biotech center