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Ce n'est pas un travel guide

RPI Adventure Club

From assorted trips into the woods of Rensselaer County, NY.

30 photos in this set.

Typewriter durability test RPI Stacwyck Apartments Lots of signs at Grafton Lake State Park Grafton Lakes service area Old red and metal phone booth Rifle shells near Edelman's Shotgun shells at Edelman's Refrigerator randomness Trooper climbing the hill Isuzu Trooper on hill Adventuremobile ascending the hill
High contrast tree tops Muted twilight colors in the forest Gentle river stream Tree and stone dam Gentle waterfall over stone wall Carpet of moss Evidence tag on the oil jug Tagged oil refuse Discarded "Slow children at play" sign Electrical lines amist the debris Looking up the inside of the tower
Fire tower inner cone Refuse inside the firetower Discarded chemical drums in the tower Ladder on the fire tower The lonely firetower near Edelman's No way! Do not enter! Private drive sign Target practice Stone walls in the forest