all abandoned.

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Pines Hotel Summer '04

Visiting with Jess, the one time we were actually allowed in, thanks to having hooked up with Lance. I left something behind.

69 photos in this set.

Graffiti in the pool at the Pines Hotel Pines Hotel Pool Graffiti Decorative fountain water valve A now dry water fountain Ceiling juice blood The Pines lobby is the new greenhouse Upside down umbrella on luggage cart in lobby Ferns in the Pines Semi-self portrait against a damaged mirror wall Dining room lighting control Dining hall dance floor damage
Kitchen freight elevator Freight elevator in the shadows Pines Hotel main lobby 2004 Bowed desk on bed of moss in front office Fire alarm control panel at the Pines Hotel Vintage 10 zone fire alarm panel Chandeliers in the lobby Essex building hallway (2nd floor) Severe water damage in the Savoy building Severe water damage as seen from below Passageway to the night club
History happened here New York Telephone phone booth with blower We're all connected... Blower in the phone booth Old screw-in fuse panel Bank of bathroom stalls Thumann's - The Deli Best sign Pines Hotel sandwich shop back area Ice-o-matic Vintage Ice-o-matic crusher Nasty rainwater filled pool
Concrete arch over the outdoor pool Pines Hotel poem from 2001 Notice to bartenders in the Wedgewood Room Night club kitchen Utility staircase in the nightclub Plenum over the night club Utility service and HVAC equipment 4 way coaxial splitter attached to massive cable Spaghetti wiring over the nightclub Utility access above the Persian Room Fallen insulation over the nightclub
More fallen insulation over the nightclub Exposed incandescent bulb and sprinkler head Mystery utility area The mystery utility area The Persian Room in better days Empty tables by the stage of the Persian Room American Stage spotlight Rusty American Stage spotlight Deteriorating ceiling in the Persian Room The ceiling on the floor Persian Room ceiling on the floor
Indoor pool in the Persian Room Lighting equipment in the Persian Room Light organ in the Persian Room My my, my OJ My Marlboro Milds The stage is falling apart Rotting golden stage curtains Persian room as seen from the stage The Persian Room sits empty now My mattress? Partitions and doorways in the convention center
Walking in step Shattered glass partition to the Wedgewood Room Goodbye Pines, hello rain