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Parks of Rensselaer County

Journeys through the beautiful and never dull parks of Rensselaer County, NY. Includes Grafton Lake and Barberville Falls.

39 photos in this set.

Tannin tinted blackwater at Barberville Falls Barberville Falls in Fall Cascading falls at Barberville Tannin tea pot The mystery pipe trail Back of Barberville Falls Red leaves on the ground at Grafton Metal platform in the woods Lonely work glove Skull and crossbone posted private property sign Lichen on a dead tree
Yo dawg I herd u like trees Field of dead milkweed seed pods Underground utility service pad Petrified paint can Concrete foundation ruins Barbed wire belt Rusted metal screen A fungus among us Turned-over technical trailer Dicko atop the trailer Electrical wiring in the trailer
Pulled trailer pieces Bed of nails Nails in a line Moss covered concrete pipe Tree bark macro shot Trailer connector panel Red and yellow canopy top tree I see a red moon rising Blurred tree top, still red moon Tipped up dump truck Country mountain home
Blurred grass, crisp house Fields of Rensselaer county Stewart's Shops 150 Year Old School House Sunset over Rensselaer County The Tomhannock Reservoir Do not look into the light