all abandoned.

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Northbound Nike Ln

With a quick stop to the more active side of the base. Literally any visit to this area is sketchy now, because the area has gone from "mothballed" to "inactive". It's a big distinction.

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Smoke Pot! Graffiti at the old Nike Base Fire gate at the top of Nike Ln The holding tank The rusted pipes Pipes under the storage tank Missing ladder Orangetown park rules sign Concrete block storage shelter Smaller water tower tank at the top of the hill Concrete pad foundation Unusual hole in cinder block
Overgrown utility cage Insulators and wires Gaffers delight telephone pole Metal pole gate fenced in Road closed construction sign Disused barracks Massive air vents on a small building Debris in the well ventilated building Tunnels in the well ventilated building? Transformer cage Lonely chemical toilet
Esco high amperage pothead