all abandoned.

Ce n'est pas un travel guide

Nike Ln

A tour of the defunct Nike missile base on Clausland Mountain.

51 photos in this set.

Nike Park welcome sign Graffiti on the asphalt A telephone pole back to a tree Game Over graffiti Overgrown concrete foundations More overgrown concrete pads Electric vines Teco utility tester Overgrown missile platform electric panels Missile base wiring under attack Heavy duty construction on the missle platform
Missile base daisies NIKE missile firing platform NIKE missle launch pad Eye bolt on the firing platform Peace, missile pad Screw trapped in tar Oh no, I fell through a hole Cloth covering on the cutouts Missile platform diamond plate stairs Mystery circle of concrete POW memorial in closed area
Backup generator for the cell tower Rockland Remembers POW/MIA sticker Microwaves, diploes, antennas, oh my! Transmitter building locked up tight Satelite dish and an Allycat The vents, the machine room, the doors Allycat at the missile base Watchfires veteran's memorial plaque C'est nes pas un transformer Really, it's not a transformer Fork it with your handle lift
Unusual connectors Electrical equipment shelter plauqes Debris filled building again Entrance to the tunnels or closet space? Old desk becomes a pile of rust chips Door down Broken vapor proof light fixture Concrete with steel bolts Sanitary sewer manhole Ramp up to the base The windowless venilated building again
Danger - Off Limits sign Free the transformers Utility lines leading into a building Transformer manufacturer's plaque Faded cracked parking spaces Equipment shelter peephole Headed home