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Nanuet Mall Last Call

Now it's official. Effective January 31, 2012, the mall is closed. While the anchor stores remain open as planned, strangely, the two barber shops and Banchetto Feast decided to occupy the mall, buck the December 31st closing date, and remain open. All have finally closed and the demolition has begun (starting with asbestos abatement). Like the best explorations, it involved hiding from security on multiple occasions.

230 photos in this set.

The buses have abandoned the mall Nanuet Mall rules sign Center Court side view Center Court center view Padlocked storefront Nanuet Mall observation elevator A pagoda once stood here Lettering residue on the glass of "K Zone" This computer has been there for at least 15 years Elevator out of order We make website
Empty Kids Foot Locker Everything must go NOW Forever 21 Alone Caution tape around pagoda Santa land accessories Simon-branded "United We Stand" poster Sarku Japan cup in Forever 21 How does it fit? Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Detex crash bar emergency exit unit Long dark back corridor on first floor
Victoria's Secret back stock room Victoria's Secret employee lockers Victoria's Secret changing room doors Victoria's Secret Changing Rooms Victoria's Secret empty retail room Cut my life into pieces Floral wallpaper on walls and ceiling of back room Dead field mouse in Victoria's Secret Rear cash wrap and front doors IMG_2844 Partially burned out chandelier in Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret blueprints Victoria's Secret stock room and missing fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher macro Victoria's Secret merchandising notes Victoria's Secret has closed sign Victoria's Secret main cash wrap Unlatched stairwell 2 fire door Nanuet Mall West Atrium 3rd wing store floor shelving bukkake Massive mannequin menstruation 1993 Montgomery freight elevator relays and terminal strip
Nanuet Mall 3rd wing Montgomery freight elevator relay map 1993 Montgomery freight hydraulic elevator machine and controller Random storage closet in 3rd wing Community Room corridor premature peeling paint Authorized personnel only, employees only Community bulletin board filled with expired info Community room payphone bank scars Long dark corridor to community room Payphone alcove seen from opposite side of corridor 3rd wing large glass skylight at night My anti drug mural
3rd wing out of order elevator Nearly pitch black Ruby Tuesday seating Ruby Tuesday empty dining area booths He doesn't even know I'm watching him... X Zone and KB Toys Behind the counter at an Asian gift shop All that glitters is not gold The goodbye party store Stairwell number 4 in 3rd wing Empty former G&G's store Through the looking grate
Exit through the abandoned gift shop Former AT&T store from the rear Former Clarkstown Police substation Whoops, broke the switch, just kidding Food court service elevator controller Irrelevant marketing technology and dead wires Dead rats and flies in the elevator motor room Looking out from old Suncoast Motion Picture store Former Suncoast Motion Picture store Okay, okay, I take it back, UN-fuck you! Suncoast Motion Pictures bathroom
We share a special kind of love Former New York & Co. store Urban exploring New York Election Law 3-110, Time allowed employees to vote Why so blue? Empty store at Nanuet Mall, retailer unknown Waste of a good ink tag Toilet Propaganda Maybe they're not all motivational after all Whistleblower hotline poster by the toilet Crime: A criminal offense
Rainbow store changing room area Rainbow Shops store, opposite Spencer Gifts Fuck wat u heard Former Lerner's store back door Hughes Network Systems Retail Telecommunications Services tag Food court service elevator controller Notice, no loitering permitted Food court back hall stairwell How Joe got his name Doors must be closed by orders of the board of health Ecto cooler mop bucket
It's way too well lit to be abandoned A slightly more decayed look The fountain of doom Center court elevator mirror face Don't push it again, it'll be here any second West atrium viewed from the second floor That awkward moment Exit through the hair shop A different kind of UE chair shot Hi ho silver Christmas cards at a hair cutting station
High insecurity lock on the hair salon Caution, do not enter door Caution, telefono door Central Plant entrance Are very temporarily out of order 1971 Viking Corp Model D3 Water Motor Alarm Trapped in a closet Lofted storage area near central plant Stairs to the storage loft God bless Nanuet Mall chalk graffiti All items $1.00 only, new items arriving everyday
Dollar store back room graffiti No more Mike, and the story goes on Breaker boxes behind the dollar store God bless Nanuet Mall graffiti on breaker box Rear Exterior Elevation Employees only beyond this point Former Quick Alterations store This store closing March 31, 2002 Former Aldo store Your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to buy insurance Former Aldo store (composite)
Claire's store interior How not to install a back door crash bar Kiosk directory map close up World Foot Locker No Mis Mates sign in World Foot Locker Former World Foot Locker store from rear If it's good enough for NYNEX, it's good enough for me Former Gifts 4 U store He doesn't even know I'm watching him Ad network PSA abuse Rockland County Adventure Boot Camp for Women
Central chiller plant piping On top of the chiller plant I get high Gifts 4 U being packed up IMG_3311 IMG_3316 IMG_3317 IMG_3320 IMG_3322 IMG_3325 Nathan's last day
IMG_3329 IMG_3332 IMG_3337 IMG_3338 IMG_3343 IMG_3356 IMG_3358 Trading card vending machine in the food court Everything Yogurt ripped apart Floral theme in the food court Alcove entering food court
Every kiss begins with Kay Spencer Gifts storage mezzanine IMG_3391 Things Remembered Suite 1007, Things Remembered IMG_3403 IMG_3407 IMG_3408 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3414
IMG_3419 IMG_3422 IMG_3431 IMG_3443 IMG_3444 IMG_3449 IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3459 IMG_3460 IMG_3464
IMG_3465 IMG_3468 IMG_3472 IMG_3483 IMG_3488 IMG_3491 IMG_3493 IMG_3500 IMG_3507 IMG_3510 IMG_3513
IMG_3514 IMG_3519 IMG_3524 IMG_3527 Modern Otis inside car door system IMG_3538 Would you jeopardize your manager's career? IMG_3543 IMG_3546 IMG_3551 IMG_3555
IMG_3558 How very re-assuring At Home Health Front Office IMG_3572 IMG_3577 IMG_3579 IMG_3582 IMG_3583 I'll just write this down casually The phreaks come out at night Verizon Fiber Muldem Cabinet Unlocked
IMG_3592 Fiber optic muldem network diagram Verizon Fiber Muldem Semi-retarded pro-CWA pencil graffiti in communications closet Purple Bathroom in G+G's Convenience Center High-top table at Kum-N-Nosh Surveillance in progress sticker Overgrown bush by truck court Crumbling pillars at entrance