all abandoned.

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Nanuet Mall infrastructure

Empty anchor stores are never a good sign...

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Closed Ruby Tuesdays through glass Abandoned wireless store Apparel section of abandoned Boscov's Sad empty box store with the lights still on Abandoned Boscov's interior Empty shell of Boscov's Abandoned Boscov's gated off Abandoned Ruby Tuesday and mobile phone store Electric service lockout panel Fan motor control Ketch-All multiple catch mousetrap
Roof access in the third wing Nanuet Mall freight elevator number 5 Third wing utility corridor NYNEX load coil box in Nanuet Mall Freight elevators and stairwells Utility panels in the service corridor Service corridor in the Nanuet Mall WRCR radio cart computer The lights are on, but no one's home The dilapidated parking garage Unusual telco utility access panel
Third wing service corridor