all abandoned.

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Elsewhere described here as the Blue Hill House, this dutch colonial home has stood empty since ca. 1996. Formerly located next to at least 2 other homes on a short dead-end spur of a county highway, all the properties adjacent to the street were purchased by a foreign car manufacturer who has yet to occupy the site for over a decade. The other two homes were demolished ca. 1997. Featuring late 1800 / early 1900 wallpaper and architectural flair. This building was possibly once a bed and breakfast, judging by (now missing) numbers that years ago adorned the interior doors.

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County roads, take me home The vines dine on the entwined sign I swear, the front door is around here somewhere Locked up tight From the front to the back Collapsed back porch roof OK so maybe it's not locked up so tight The grand foyer Oxidizing light switch on geometric wallpaper Basement filled with junk Vanishing trim
Kitchen Living Room And then they woke up Unknown Chinoiserie The chair has escaped its drywall jail cell Main staircase Main Stairwell Vertical Pano I see a Wu-Tang logo Upstairs Bedroom Bathroom door be gone Upstairs Bathroom 1
Hey guys, you missed one Unknown floral wallpaper Unknown geometric wallpaper Geometric floral wallpaper Unknown floral wallpaper Unknown floral stripe wallpaper Attic access Micro window 1st and Half Floor Another broken bathroom door GTL, baby
Empty Street Pano