all abandoned.

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Looking around Letchworth

Always interesting to bump into other people at Letchworth. The cat society was out and about. Stopped by the director's house unlike usual.

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Cyrano tag at Letchworth IMG_7988 IMG_7987 IMG_7984 IMG_7982 IMG_7981 IMG_7980 IMG_7979 IMG_7978 Jacobson House garage Tool shed behind the Jacobson House
Jacobson House Ceiling fan in the Jacobson House Stairs in the Jacobson House Living room in the Jacobson House Another fireplace in the Jacobson House Medication time... It's... Medication time... Jacobson House rear porch IMG_7958 IMG_7956 IMG_7955 Even the traffic lights are off
Black fire hydrant Thoroughly rusted speed limit sign IMG_7950 The administration / storage building IMG_7946 IMG_7945 IMG_7944