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KHAAANNNN!kord Resort Hotel Leftovers

In 2008, the hotel at this location was demolished; the plan was to re-build the site with a billion-dollar race track and casino (big surprise). Despite that, the hotel's main buildings were concrete and steel construction, the owner spent millions demolishing the place and building new foundation pads for the future casino. None of the contractors got paid, so the work stopped abruptly and the empty lot is a "brownfield" to this day. A few buildings remain, and we explore them.

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Welcome to the Brownfields Concord Empty Lot Dilapidated home on-site International Golf Course in rough shape Concord International Golf Course Concord International Golf Course Club House Rear Exterior Concord International Golf Course Club House Bar Area I want to rip a sink off a wall Blue tiled bathroom in bad shape Creaky staircase Power panels and temp lines
Discarded, rotting copy of "The Godfather" Torn away ceiling material Stash the plans in the desk File this one under "K" for "Kosher ham sandwich" Construction HQ New wires in romex Upstairs office Fuck your wall Rusty razor blades in debris pile Another tiled bathroom in the club house You complete me
Kilroy was here, too Piping in piles Old wiring Staircase banister on 2nd floor A hole-in-one wings your choice Hello down there Danger, hard hat area Pile of chairs HVAC system stripped Construction HQ debris gangbang Golf club house fireplace room
Golf club house (reverse) Stop, golfer time Greener pastures One lane bridge sign on golf course road Signs of life Better keep that old ski area mowed Concord Monster Golf Course Posted, no trespassing sign Another golf club house Old ski lift loading area The outhouse behind the golf course
Oh cool, the Raleigh! Entrance to the Raleigh School's out for ever Palms Resort exterior Empty theater and empty marquee