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Highview Playground

Once a stunning example of a community effort to build a playground within what was once the "Second Safest City" in America, Nanuet Highview Community Playground was a unique wooden playground built in the 1990s. Featuring ornate and almost Victorian architecture, the playground used elements like turrets and winding passageways that gave the playground the nickname "the castle playground".

At the age of 20, the school board quietly prepared to demolish the playground, and with barely a weeks notice to the public, announced that the park would be no more due to vague insurance reasons. No serious injuries had ever occurred at the park, nor had any insurance claim ever been filed against the school district. Some staff from the nearby elementary school were seeking to convert the space where the park once stood into a parking lot. However, thanks to a strong outcry from the community, there are already efforts underway to rebuild. Find out more about efforts to rebuild Highview Playground.

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