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Grafton Peace Pagoda

One of the few of its kind in the world, the Grafton Peace Pagoda is also home to some Buddhist monks. They weren't there when we visited, but the temple was unlocked and inviting to peaceful visitors.

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Rocks in zen garden Fall colors along the nature walk Fall colored leaves on trees along the nature walk Fall leaves on the ground along the nature walk The Peace Pagoda Angled view of the Peace Pagoda Stairs to the Peace Pagoda Buddha statue as seen from the stairs Buddhist teachings on a sign 1. Conception of Buddha 2. Birth of Buddha
3. Buddha takes seven steps in four directions 4. Buddha encounters the four sufferings Buddhist teaching sign macro shot 5. Buddha leaves in search of enlightenment Buddha leave sign typo Rebar penetrating stone wall 6. Buddha cuts his long hair 7. Buddha meditates despite the Mara's distractions Close up of the meditation sign 8. Buddha's first teaching in the Deer park Buddha sets dharma in motion
Buddha teaching in the Deer park statue 9. Buddha's vision of unity and peace Na-Mu-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo sign close-up 10. Buddha's last words 11. After Buddha's death View from the Peace Pagoda Statue of Buddha (angled) Statue of Buddha meditating Flowers in the zen garden More flowers in the garden Chinese inscription on the Peace Pagoda
Close up of the Chinese character in stone Another Chinese character shot Brahmic script obelisk Entrance to the temple The monk's cordless phone Take off shoues sign The buddhist shrine The main prayer area Hiker's backpack The lights are on, but no monk's home Open window
Kitchen and washroom We sleep on this floor Eerily quiet temple Close-up of the Buddhist shrine Wider view of the Buddhist shrine Jimmay in front of the shrine Buddhist shrine up close Kneeling before the Buddha Buddha statue amidst candles and photos Stained glass in the shrine More stained glass
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