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Get high at Grafton Lakes

High in the trees, I mean! We climbed stuff, like trees and water towers. Come on, don't be silly.

26 photos in this set.

Planks on a park bench Crystal clear water Tadpoles in the lake More tadpoles Beginning of fall Across the lake See the forest from the shore Old trail marker Delicious birch bark Ben examines the slalom course Ben and Dicko race the course
Drunk-o-vision view of hte race course Red leaves on the forest floor Dicko on the water tower Dicko on the water tower ladder Forest canopy Trees, they're good for climbing Ben and Jimmay in the tree Armpit frog Frog on the rocks Froggy by some rocks Frogger again
I have a stick. As do I. Stick fight, round 1 Stick fight, round 2 Stick fight final result: tie