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UAlbany: guilty of creating a hazard

UAlbany: guilty of creating a hazard

According to NYS Penal Law, S 270.10:
Creating a hazard. A person is guilty of creating a hazard when:
1. Having discarded in any place where it might attract children, a container which has a compartment of more than one and one-half cubic feet capacity and a door or lid which locks or fastens automatically when closed and which cannot easily be opened from the inside, he fails to remove the door, lid, locking or fastening device; [...]

This, to me, means that someone at UAlbany should be charged with a misdemeanor. This law was clearly meant to punish people that discard old refrigerators improperly. This old refrigerator certainly meets these criteria. If even one child (i.e. under the age of 18, as in 17), attends this school and uses these tunnels, which many students do, then UAlbany is engaged in blatantly organized crime. It's time to take action.

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